Upcoming events for fire retardants in 2016

01.-03. March 2016
Cables 2016, Cologne, Germany

16.-17. March 2016
The 1rst International Conference on ECO-friendly Flame Retardant Additives and Materials, Mons, Belgium

16. - 18. March 2016
7th International Symposium on Tunnel Safety and Security, Montreal, Canada

21. April 2016
12. Brandschutztag Schienenfahrzeuge, Chempark Leverkusen, Germany

25.-28. April 2016
8th International Seminar on Fire & Explosion Hazards

27.-28. April 2016
Innovations in Flame Retardancy of Textiles and Related Materials, Poznan, Poland

03.-04. May 2016
HdT Seminar Flammschutzmittel, Essen, Germany

03.-04. May 2016
AMI´s Fire Retardants in Plastics 2016, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

07-09. June 2016
6th Conference on Polymer Compounding, Newark, USA

04.-06. July 2016
Interflam 14 th international conference on fire science and engineering, London, UK

06.-07. July 2016
Brandschutz Fachtagung, MOC München, Germany

21.-25. August 2016
The 7th Fire & Polymers Symposium, Philadelphia, USA

04.-06. October 2016
4th International Conference on Fires in Vehicles, Baltimore, USA

What are flame retardants? About this website

Flame retardants are chemicals which are added to many materials to increase their fire safety. For example, many plastics are highly flammable and therefore their fire resistance is increased by adding flame retardants in order to reduce the risk of fire.

On this website you find information about the different kinds of flame retardants, which role flame retardants have in fire safety and which advantages and disadvantage their use has.

Clariant Corp. runs maintains this website (see impressum). You can find more information on Clariant's flame retardant range at  www.exolit.com

Photo: R. Baumgarten, Glow Wire Flammability Test of polymer

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