New pinfa brochure on innovative fire safety in transportation

Transport vehicles increasingly rely on polymeric materials, for reasons of weight (energy savings), design and performance. Since these polymers are often flammable, they are subject to fire risks.

pinfa has compiled this brochure to explain how phosphorus, inorganic and nitrogen (PIN) flame retardant technologies can contribute to the safety of materials and vehicles.

A whole toolbox of halogen-free chemistries is now available providing fire safety solutions for polymers for electrical and electronic components, structural parts, interior panels, seats, cables, carpets, decorative and upholstery textiles, insulation foams. Fire tests applicable in automotive, railway, shipping and aviation are presented, as are innovation and future transport trends, including lightweight construction, electric vehicles, bioplastics, fibre reinforced polymers, comfort and infotainment.

Have a look at this new brochure here.