The Fourth International Conference on Flame Retardant Plastics: Regulations, Innovations, Applications and Markets

The Fourth International Conference on Flame Retardant Plastics: Regulations, Innovations, Applications and Markets organized by the SKZ Plastics Technology Service (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. and chaired by Dr. Troitzsch FEPS Fire and Environment Protection Service took place in Guangzhou on 19 and 20 May 2013 (programme, see attachment). The main topics of this conference were new developments in flame retardants and flame retarded polymers, and new approaches in fire safety regulations, tests and their impact on flame retarded polymers.

After an overview on the flame retardant markets and systems, papers on the optimization and applications of commercial flame retardants based on phosphorous (aromatic bisphosphates, metal hypophosphites) and brominated flame retardants (decabromodiphenylethane), new phosphonate-based polymeric flame retardants, their application range and suitability for polyester fibres and transparent applications in polycarbonate were discussed. Other polymeric brominated flame retardants for engineering plastics and the new polymeric flame retardant containing aliphatic bromine for the substitution of hexabromocyclododecane in polystyrene foams (EPS and XPS) were presented. In addition, papers dealt with inorganic, mineral flame retardants for cable compounds (silane crosslinkable aluminium hydroxide) as well as for engineering plastics (magnesium hydroxide; boehmite as a synergist in metal phosphinate formulations). An overview of halogenfree flame retardants for use in PBT and co-polyester elastomers (TPC-ET) as well as a paper on the important role of flame retardant compounds and masterbatches particularly in electrical & electronics (E&E) applications closed this session.

New developments in fire safety regulations in building and railways in Europe and their practical impact on the use of flame retarded materials and components opened the second session of this conference. Regulations, tests and requirements for polyurethane applications in the Chinese construction industry showed the latest status and future trends in this field. For the E&E sector, an overview on the status of external ignition sources in the various IEC and EN standards for consumer and office electronics showed the complexity of requirements in this field. Environmental aspects of the E&E sector were also addressed, particularly in view of green procurement, GreenScreen and ecolabels requirements. 

The Fifth International Conference on Flame Retardant Plastics will take place just before the next Chinaplas in Shanghai on 21 and 22 April 2014.